Upon Ben’s recommendation, I stopped at a small town called Paestum. It is the site of the largest and best preserved Greek ruins on the Mediterranean. Let me just start out that the pictures just can’t do something like this justice. The stone temples were massive beyond all my expectations. There is so much stone … More Paestum


Today we sailed (er motored) to the island of Stromboli.  This island is the most active volcano in this little group of islands and has a history that goes back the ancient Greeks.  It is know as the oldest lighthouse in the world since it glows red at night and was used by the ancients … More Stromboli

The Aeolian Islands

So we headed out to the Aeolian Islands.  Ironically, these islands are named after the Greek god Aeolus, the god of wind.  I say ironically, because we haven’t seen a breath of wind since we got here.  But that makes for some very smooth motoring and an opportunity to see some amazing things along the … More The Aeolian Islands

Landfall, Sicily

So I found out on the way over that Sicily is the home of the mafia.  But no gangsters here.  Just a sleepy little tourist town, thankfully. So the passage was very easy as passages go.  The wind was strong until sunset but after the sun went down and we cranked up the motor and … More Landfall, Sicily