Halfway, Sort Of

The days roll by. We get up and start the day with group morning meditation at 7:30a, we walk, we connect, we listen to all sorts of lessons and music along the way.  We get to our hotel, we rest, we shower, we walk around town, and we go to group sharing circle around 6:30p … More Halfway, Sort Of

Resting in Burgos

We have been through a dozen or so towns in the last three days and have ended up in Burgos.  Here is but a small sampling of what we have seen.  The aha’s keep coming and the muscles keep building.  I am learning to rewrite my life’s story as I walk.  I massage the dark … More Resting in Burgos

Nice Times in Najera

Today we took a short day today and got into Najera early enough to rest and do some sightseeing.  We first learned that Najera is pronounced in a more Arabic fashion than Spanish.  Think coughing up a hairball kind of sound for the ‘j’.  It is from the Arabic meaning of “between the cliffs”. Orduño … More Nice Times in Najera

Two Selves

There are many souls on the Camino. We walk alone, and we walk together. It is the constant flow of the walk. We meet new people and let them go as easily as we meet them. We get to know some better than others and yet with others we do a deep dive and find … More Two Selves

A Fresh Start

I have been given a fresh start in life. I really like the idea that we can begin the day over again whenever we so choose. It is not really easy to do, but we do have that choice. I am now beginning my second Camino experience and I am in a group with a … More A Fresh Start

The Ancients 

Yesterday we spent the whole day hiking up a mountain pass that was the path of the very first Camino.  On this path is a megalithic tomb that dates back thousands of years.  We each took time to reflect on our ancestors and had a chance to honor them.  We pondered three questions.  Which ancestor … More The Ancients