“Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean” David Searls Grief is the emotion our Creator gives us to honor those that we have lost. The belief of the Dagara tribe in West Africa is that we OWE those that have died the pain of … More Spirit

Two Selves

There are many souls on the Camino. We walk alone, and we walk together. It is the constant flow of the walk. We meet new people and let them go as easily as we meet them. We get to know some better than others and yet with others we do a deep dive and find … More Two Selves


Have you ever looked so deep into a reflection that it turns three dimensional?   You can actually see the full world in it and it takes on a depth and fullness that is not only real, but is surreal. That is what happened when I looked deeply into the reflection in this pristine lake … More Reflections

What Makes a House a Home

Vicki and I have finished up our stay in Golden, British Columbia. We have been house sitting for a lovely family that we have gotten to know but never really met. My amazing wife found this opportunity through a site called TrustedHouseSitters.com that pairs up travelers with people needing their house sat.

On Writing Essays

When I was in grade school I was absolutely and thoroughly terrified of writing essays.  English in general was such a foreign concept to me.  English teachers seemed like they were hard to please.  The thing that got to me was that, unlike math, there was no right answer!

The 52nd Card

There I was, alone in a closet in Mom’s town home.  As a matter of fact I was alone in the house, late at night still searching.  Searching for any clues that were left to find.  It was less that two days since she passed ‘to the great beyond’, as my father liked to say.  … More The 52nd Card

What Tha?!?

I have been visiting Russ in San Jose, California for going on ten years now, and there is something that never ceases to amaze me. The landscape in the yards of old town San Jose bungalowsville is diverse and stunning. I walk by plants that would grow to a grand total of 1 foot in … More What Tha?!?

Why do I Write?

Recently I have taken to writing for fun.  Something I never thought I would hear myself say.  I was terrified of english all throughout high school and college.  As a matter of fact, I only had one english teacher that I actually liked.  Thinking back I understand much better now why that was.  It was … More Why do I Write?