Palermo is for Living

Palermo is full of life.  As I sit here two small italian children are having on the boat on one side of us and on the other there are four italian young men serenading us singing some Beatles songs in harmony.    We arrived last night and went into town for dinner.  We were thinking pizza so asked around and found a nice place.  Had a great meal and came back to chill.

Today we decided to take a down day so we can leave out early tomorrow morning.  We did quite a bit of boat maintenance in the morning and then walked to a close by sandwich shop for lunch.  They really do serve panini’s here.  I just thought it was some American thing that we did to sound like we were doing something Italian.  It is nice to have food at its origin so that I can see what is really authentic and what is the part we make up.

After lunch went into do another provisioning at a massive supermarket.  The drill is to show up and have an expresso at the supermarket and then once we are all caffeined up, we get to it and grab groceries off the shelf like mad men.  Ben is the leader and we are his minions.  He shouts out what is needed next and we go off to hunt it down.  Of course we have to translate somehow, so  we ask people, we look it up on our phones, or we just guess and cross check with each other.  Quite fun actually.

Now we are back for a dinner on the boat.  Ben is going to fix us a “proper hamburger” so I can’t wait to see how that turns out.  Then we are going to the hotel on the hill to see what five stars is like here in Palermo.  Should be fun.  Tomorrow we are headed to some remote islands.  We are going to Volcuno and Stromboli.  These are actual, active volcanoes.  We will be there for about 4 days so might not be so many posts there.  Not sure about the internet.  Just keep an eye on the boat tracker and follow along with us.

The cliffs before Palermo
Palermo in the distance
City Central Opera House
Pizza for Dinner
Yes we do eat healthy occasion, fruit, yogurt, granola and honey. Our usual breakfast.
Paninis for lunch
Superyachts in our marina. The blue one is for sale. Look it up online its name is Blue Scorpion. Only $23 million.
Small square by the marina where we had the paninis
Nice little balcony, very typical
It says it all
The old school hotel above our boat. Harkens back to “martinis at six” time of Hemingway
On the way to the grocery store

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