Upon Ben’s recommendation, I stopped at a small town called Paestum. It is the site of the largest and best preserved Greek ruins on the Mediterranean. Let me just start out that the pictures just can’t do something like this justice. The stone temples were massive beyond all my expectations. There is so much stone in each one that it is hard to comprehend how they were built. Add to that, the expanse of the site and the real sense that I was in an ancient city, and not just seeing a few massive temples. And on top of that there is a phenomenal museum there that displays the entire history of the area going back 6000 years. Great call Ben!

These little guys were everywhere. Wonder if the Greeks had em too.
This was the biggest one
This gives a sense of the size in the city. This is about half of it.
This one was next to the big one.
This was the small one at the other end of the city
Two in one shot

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