I was a travel junkie until COVID came around and reared its ugly head.  Now I focus more on the maker side of my personality.  I work on projects that bring meaning to my life and the life of others.   This has included furniture for family to create a string of love that will pass down the generations, and improvements to my shop that I increasingly am sharing with those who want to learn the craft of woodworking.  I am currently engaged in a van conversion of a 2020 Ford Transit that will take us on many grand adventures.

I am also on the Board of Advisors for the Austin School of Furniture and Design.  I try to keep my ear to the ground to help those who chose to make this line of work their own.  I am also active in 12-step recovery and help souls of all forms better their existence on this mother earth of ours.  I have found that giving is as important as receiving and love to be part of the circle of service.

I have two grown sons that live in Austin that I love to see as often as they want to be seen. I am a grandfather too and love the little ones as they bring a new depth to the joy of life.  I treasure family time as one of the most sacred times there is in my life.