Happy Mistakes

I have been working on this project for close to six weeks now.  For that time, I have limited my activities as much as possible to this work, helping family and caring for my health.  So I get up, do some yoga or jogging, and get after it.  I average about 4-6 hours a day … More Happy Mistakes

Coffee Anyone??

Well, I finished the coffee table and here are some progress shots to give you all a little insight to the process.  Let’s just say that I understand completely and thoroughly why custom furniture is always quoted at 12 weeks.  It just takes that long, no matter how simple it might look.  I have thoroughly … More Coffee Anyone??

Me in a Mailbox

Well the last post I was talking about what a mailbox would look like if it was me, and here it is, the project of the week.  Well the take away from this project is that there is no “right” design.  There is only the way we each see the thing we are working on.  … More Me in a Mailbox

Mundane as a Mailbox

So did you notice any mailboxes on the way into work this morning?  Have you ever considered in detail the design of a mailbox?  I bet your answers here are no, and NO!  Well my mailbox litterally just fell over about a couple weeks ago and with the prompting (more like goading) of my neighbors … More Mundane as a Mailbox

I AM Good Enough

I never thought when I started out to reinvent myself into a craftsman that I would run into so much self doubt. I have always been a “get after and do it” kind of guy and just figured that once I set my mind to it, I would just have to watch a few hundred … More I AM Good Enough

Mortise and Tenons

So when I started this class I didn’t know the difference between a mortise and a tenon, seriously.  I knew they went together but I didn’t really know which was which.  So now I know the mortise is the hole and the tenon is the part that protrudes through the hole.  I know this because … More Mortise and Tenons