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Kid in a Candy Store

Well we finished up with the show after two days and I have to say it was like being a kid in a candy store. We saw endless shoes, backpacks, clothing, and assorted camping gear.  It was a great to see how the Eurpean market looked at this industry.  So I thought Read more

The Best for Last

The last day was one of the most scenic days of the tour as you can tell from the pics.  We went from Elisabetta to Courmayeur. We, as usual, went up and went down a goodly amount. The weather was perfect and we were feeling grateful that we had such good weather on our trip. Read more

A Totally Different Country

Stage 4 was  Between Le Chapieux and Refugio Elisabetta. Another pass and another day of ups and downs. We passed into Italy and could tell almost immediately because it just got more animated. There saw more people on the trail, there was a very lively crowd at the refuge when we got there and Read more

Up and Down

Grant and I have discovered that there is not much when it comes to flat in the TMB. Today we started out at Refugio Nant Borant and hiked to a little hamlet of a town called Le Chapieux.  Along the way we crested Col de la Croix du Bonhomme which was about 2500m in elevation. Read more

Blue Dot

We are on our way out of the alps and heading to the trade show but that will take a couple of days.  So in the mean time I thought I would break down our trip in the alps each day so you can get a flavor of the trip as it Read more

Cant See Dick

Imagine riding to the top of a strange mountain in an ultra modern cable car. When you get to the top, you get off and are hit with a stiff cold breeze. You look out and you can only see about 20 feet and you see only one road leading downhill and there are no trail markers in sight. Read more


 Well Chamonix is as nice as the guide books say. Grant and I rested most of the afternoon the day we got here. He was still jetlagged. Then we got up early, ate a good breakfast and headed on to our hike. The nice chap at the office of tourism suggested Read more

Who Shops on Sunday?

 Well, I can guarantee you nobody in Geneva shops on a Sunday.  All the stores are closed, all the museums are closed, the shopping areas are ghost towns.  So what do they do here on Sundays? Read more

A Spiritual Experience in the Material World

 I want to start out by saying that I grew up at an environment where money was used to express how much better people were than others.  Wealth was used as a way to say that I have something you can’t have. And I must say I never liked that very much. So for me, when I walk into a store that has such monetary wealth in it I feel lesser than, and I’m not very comfortable. Read more

Bern Baby Bern

Bern was founded in 1191 and joined the Swiss Confederation in 1353. Among other things it’s a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and it is where Einstein came up with his famous equation E=MC^2. Needless to say it has ALOT of history. So I started out at the Swiss Museum of History and  followed that with the Einstein Museum.  The History Museum was amazing, if you ever wanted to know how a small country ended up in the middle of Europe like this, Read more