How to Mentally Prepare for the Camino

I am going to walk the Camino this fall and am looking forward to the time, the experience, the memories, and the relationships that will be formed.  So I am thinking about how to prepare for the journey on the way to Santiago.  When I think of preparing, I think of three different ways to do that, spiritually, mentally and physically.    So you might ask how do I prepare mentally?  Isn’t that the same as spiritually?   Read More

The 52nd Card

There I was, alone in a closet in Mom’s town home.  As a matter of fact I was alone in the house, late at night still searching.  Searching for any clues that were left to find.  It was less that two days since she passed ‘to the great beyond’, as my father liked to say.  I prefer to just say passed, like into the next life, whatever that is.

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The Painted Ladies

The other day, I walked to the Painted Ladies, a well known landmark in San Francisco.  Painted Ladies is a generic term meaning any Victorian or Edwardian house painted in three or more colors. However, it is also is well associated with five prime examples in San Francisco near Alamo Square. Across the street from these painted ladies is a park that affords an amazing view of the San Francisco skyline.

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Kid in a Candy Store

Well we finished up with the show after two days and I have to say it was like being a kid in a candy store. We saw endless shoes, backpacks, clothing, and assorted camping gear.  It was a great to see how the Eurpean market looked at this industry.  So I thought Read More

The Best for Last

The last day was one of the most scenic days of the tour as you can tell from the pics.  We went from Elisabetta to Courmayeur. We, as usual, went up and went down a goodly amount. The weather was perfect and we were feeling grateful that we had such good weather on our trip. Read More

A Totally Different Country

Stage 4 was  Between Le Chapieux and Refugio Elisabetta. Another pass and another day of ups and downs. We passed into Italy and could tell almost immediately because it just got more animated. There saw more people on the trail, there was a very lively crowd at the refuge when we got there and Read More

Up and Down

Grant and I have discovered that there is not much when it comes to flat in the TMB. Today we started out at Refugio Nant Borant and hiked to a little hamlet of a town called Le Chapieux.  Along the way we crested Col de la Croix du Bonhomme which was about 2500m in elevation. Read More