Buy for now, Cagliari

We are headed toward Palermo in Sicily, but might pull up short in a small village before.  Palermo is a vibrant city so I should be able to post when we get there.   I thought I would throw in a few pics of Cagliari I hadn’t posted yet to fill in the gap. So enjoy. I will be back soon with pics of Sicily. Peace to all.

Cathedral in background at top is gorgeous inside and out. Built in 1200’s
Meat section in the supermarket was interesting and tasty
There was an entire aisle dedicated to pasta, impressive.
The harbor with a ferry arriving


Another church entrance in town
An old arch
The church at the top of the hill
Entrance to the old city

One thought on “Buy for now, Cagliari

  1. OH man….SOOO gorgeous there. I can only imagine how much more amazing it must be in person. Thanks for the pics. I love to study the culture when I travel; ie: see what the Supermarket looks like, see what people look like, see how they drive…real deep stuff like that! So, your pics are perfect. Loving following the little magenta-colored arrow across the sea. Warm, a bit overcast in beautiful Austin today. Blessings on your journey, my brother!

    ~ Wes


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