Today we sailed (er motored) to the island of Stromboli.  This island is the most active volcano in this little group of islands and has a history that goes back the ancient Greeks.  It is know as the oldest lighthouse in the world since it glows red at night and was used by the ancients to navigate at night.

We were able to see it in action after we took our daily swim break.  It rumbles like a low thunder about every 20 minutes or so and a huge plume of lava spews up into the air.  They offer tours of this volcano for those brave enough to climb it.  Any takers out there?

Small town on the way out
Our anchorage last night
Our neighbor last night. Notice the little speed boat. they had two, black with red leather interior. Definitely Italian.
On the way out this morning, Ben commented “that would be a nice place to get away from it all”
On the side of the volcano. We were wondering who would live at the base of an active volcano?
The larger town on Stromboli
Shot at the back side
Every half hour or so the mountain would thunder and we could see a 200 ft stream of lava come shooting up in the air.
Hot rocks would come rolling down the mountain and splash into the sea!
Panarama of volcano
Panarama of volcano, thanks to Ben and his trusty iPhone.
rock island
Rock island on the way to anchorage

2 thoughts on “Stromboli

  1. Absolutely IN-CREDIBLE!!! Love the pics. What a gorgeous place. I’m afraid I’m saying the same thing every time! lol. So, gotta tell ya this: Tuesday night, the Spurs were in Miami to play the Heat – who had just stolen a game in San Antonio and looked like had the Spurs on the ropes. We Spurs fans were shakin’ in our boots a bit…because that LeBron guy can be a little intimidating. 😉 But much to the chagrin of the typical NBA fan, the Spurs came out Tues nite in Miami and ROCKED the Heat – winning by 19 points. But more than that, they set an NBA record by shooting LIGHTS OUT, 75.8% field goal percentage in the first half. It was a damn near flawless performance from the Spurs and an excellent early birthday present. Had a great day yesterday, capped off by dinner at Bartlett’s with Erelique, Luke MBS, and Mark the Counselor. It was Eric’s Bday as well, and the lawyers paid for it all. It was beautiful. Wish you’d have been with us…but you’re halfway across the world in a sailboat! Thanks again for the awesome photos and keep up the great trip! Much love, my brother! Wes


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