The Best Part of the Journey

Four airports, five train stations, many taxis, many, many miles walked and one very glorious sailboat all make up this journey.  Sometimes I wonder why I travel like this.  It feels like I just have to get something out of my system.  It is like a purge.  It is a mission to live life full on.  A mission to see as much as humanly possible every day.  A mission to experience every moment and to be present for every scene as it unfolds.  This is what travel is to me.  But I know now that there is always one part of the journey that is the best.  That is the journey home where my friends and family are.  It is what I live for and most appreciate in any trip. There is nothing like waking up in Austin, Texas knowing that this cool place is my home.  I am here now and am so grateful for that.  I am grateful for every day I am given to experience this wonder we have together.

Thanks to all you who have followed along on my exploits. I write this mainly for you.  To hopefully create a spark of excitement and adventure so that you can get out there and have some fun too.  Ciao!

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