Landfall, Sicily

So I found out on the way over that Sicily is the home of the mafia.  But no gangsters here.  Just a sleepy little tourist town, thankfully.

So the passage was very easy as passages go.  The wind was strong until sunset but after the sun went down and we cranked up the motor and motored the rest of the way.  It was so smooth today that I would have sworn we were on a lake and not the open ocean.  We did shifts of 2 hours on and 2 off.  So we got our sleep in little naps.  Of course, Ben did more than his share because he is just tha man!

We pulled in around 3 and decided that the first thing was a swim.  So we donned our bathing suits and did the big jump in.  It was very refreshing.  Now we are taking a little down time until we get a chance to go in to town for dinner.  I am already hungry again!

Our course from Sardinia to Sicily
Land, ho! Our first glimpse of Sicily
Our first anchorage here at San Vito lo Capo.
Some old ruins out on the point
The beach where we anchored.
First swim in the Med. It was chilly, think Barton Springs.

5 thoughts on “Landfall, Sicily

  1. I dreamed of jumping in the ocean just like you are doing the same night in my sleep too wild. I definitely was being taken along for the ride. It felt cool and refreshing in my dreams also. Trip looks amazing Dave I can not wait to hear the download on a run when you get to Austin. I am in NYC for the weekend and went to eval at Quirky last night, really awesome, What a freaking job my son has for sure, I can not imagine how you must have been drooling going for the tour. Tell tom Gabe would love to see him in NYC to go to an eval if he is ever up this way. Enjoy the relaxation brother.

    Peace to all of you,



  2. Wow, what an incredible array of experiences you’re having, and what a cool way of documenting it all for posterity. Looks like moments of total relaxation balanced by the intense brainwork of sailing and maintaining a ship that size by yourselves. You guys have some cojones! Have a great time, and I look forward to future posts and pics.



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