Courtesy Reigns

I wanted to take a little time to say some kind words about the British people before I get out of here. I can say that I have been treated nicely by absolutely everyone here. Besides their lovely accent, they are just so darn polite. I was here about a day before I noticed something … More Courtesy Reigns

Cut Outs of Color

I have to admit, I get nostalgic when I travel.  I remember back to the trips I took when my family was young and I miss having them along on my solo trips. I try to do something to honor them while I am away.  Yesterday it was street art for Will.  The day before … More Cut Outs of Color

Foodies Delight

Today I went on a food tour. We toured the east end where Jack the Ripper did his dirty work. We went to seven different restaurants and had a sampling at each. The tour guide, Emily, was a theatre actress and she infused life into each presentation that brought the food alive! Three of the … More Foodies Delight

Fat Tire

So a few years back if I had heard the words Fat Tire I would have thought beer. Fast forward to today and it means a whole different thing. Today we went on a Fat Tire Bike Tour to start out the day and we took in the sights.

London Awaits

It is just a matter of minutes before I get on that 787 Dreamliner for a straight shot to London, direct from Austin. When I land the plan is to catch the Heathrow Express to my AirBnB flat in Central London where I will begin my life as a tourist for 4 days, and then … More London Awaits


Standing on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its founding by the Romans, who named it Londinium.  London is a leading global city and is the world’s most-visited city.  So here I go to spend 5 days adding to that count.  I travel here … More London