Tropea and Goodbye’s

Well our stay in tropea was bitter sweet for me. Sweet because we had a great evening together. We had one of our best dinners on this trip, we also had a chance to watch the opening game of the World Cup. Bitter because it was my last night on the boat. It has been such an honor to hang out with Tom, Ben, and Alden. I really want to thank them all now for having me along and letting me be part of the crew. It has been a real pleasure!

It is time to start heading home now. I have charted my course out of here and decided to take a train to Rome and then fly out of Rome on Sunday to London to make my flight back home. So here are but a few pics from Tropea to enjoy. Sorry I didn’t take many, I was too busy just being in the moment. Next stop is Paestum.

Ben clowning around on the largest inflatable bumper we have.
Tropea from the sea
Close up of Tropea. To get to the town you have to climb 175 stairs. Tom counted. Ha!

8 thoughts on “Tropea and Goodbye’s

  1. Safe travels brother Dave, and thanks for blazing the trail of travel ahead of our travels in the coming years to the Camino! Yes that’s right its here is writing now September of 2016 it will be my 55 and alive trek, here’s to God willing we trek this together. Look forward to the stories as tall as they can get.


  2. Thanks Dave for sharing your wonderful trip. I am David McMillan’s cousin who followed you on the Camino last year, then had the wonderful experience of walking it myself. You are a terrific traveloguer – I have vicariously enjoyed your fabulous Mediterrainian sail !


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