The Aeolian Islands

So we headed out to the Aeolian Islands.  Ironically, these islands are named after the Greek god Aeolus, the god of wind.  I say ironically, because we haven’t seen a breath of wind since we got here.  But that makes for some very smooth motoring and an opportunity to see some amazing things along the way, like the dolphins below.

We anchored, had a stellar dinner cooked by Tom and Alden and we enjoyed swimming in the cool refreshing waters here.  We awoke early enough to hike to the top of the volcano to explore.  We were able to get all the way around the rim and back before lunch, which we had on the boat.  We are resting now and plan to go into Lipari for dinner tonight.  There are lots of pictures to share today so I hope you enjoy!  Peace and love to all of you out there.


On the way we were met by a group of dolphins that swam right on our bow for over two hours. We could almost touch them. Every once in a while they would turn sideways and shoot you a glance.


Land sighted Vulcano


First anchorage at the base of the volcano


These hydrofoils come and go all the time. They go in between the islands and also to as far away as Naples.


Nice little hotel, huh?


Sunset at anchorage


A little night life anyone?


On our way up to hike to the top of the volcano. Don’t breath the gas!


A little restaurant in town


We made it to the top. The clouds in the background are the toxic sulfuric gas they were warning us about.


In awe…


A shot on the way down


Tom on a ridge in the distance


Sulfer gas hole spewing out gas.


The money shot. Our boat is the one the farthest right in the right hand cove.

  1. Awesome pictures. Enjoying the ride along with you.



    1. Thanks for the note Jeff. Great to hear from u!



  2. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, W O W ! ! ! I am totally blown away…and can only imagine what it must be like in person?!!! So do y’all get on a lil’ dingy to get to shore/dock since the boat is anchored out a ways? thanks for the amazing pics! much love, my brother!




    1. Yep we have a little tender (yachting term for dingy). Jump on and go to shore dock. Thanks bro for the comment. Much love!



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