Time to Come Inside

So for the last few weeks I have been working on the roof of Pearl to install the vent and solar panels. First of all, I am scared of heights. I had to learn how to get up there and down from there without giving myself any hospital visits. Climbing the ladder up there is kinda like turning on my bandsaw in the shop. Every time I do it, I have to stay centered and present. I can’t take safety for granted.

Second of all, I am not really a mechanic (yet). I don’t know hardware, paints, and adhesives all that well and that is a big part of this job at hand. Fortunately I did have help. His name is Micah and he had installed solar panels onto his Transit and I was able to have him walk me through where to get all the bits and pieces needed. Also, i gotta say there is something really cool about working with solar panels. The idea I can get all the electricity I want just by being in the sun is truly a gift from above, the God kind that is….

Lastly, I am dedicated to clean and sweet looking designs, so I couldn’t just throw up the first attempt, but I had to take my time and refine it. In the end, I am happy, and thankfully through with climbing up on the roof for a while. Now it is time to come inside and start working on the inside of the van. First stop, electrics. Hallelujah!!

2 thoughts on “Time to Come Inside

  1. Mannnnn….that looks sweet! I’m also easily entertained by some big black panels that trap that solar energy to power practical human stuff that we need and enjoy! Cool. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! #LetsGO !

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