Good Bones – Part 1

Its been a minute, as we like to say these days. I gotta say, losing Camryn took the wind out of my sails for quite some time. Getting by was the order of the day. Some days, feeling grief was as common as breathing. Over time the pain subsided only to flare up in the oddest and most random times. Its has been like an echo chamber of sorts…

I have been working on what I like to call the bones of this van build. You can picture this as a house framed, wired and insulated but the inside walls haven’t gone up. It compares to a sculpture’s wire frame before the clay gets applied… the texture of an abstract piece of art before the paint is applied. It’s one of those things that can be glossed over or it can be an effort of tremendous care and craftsmanship. I have seen frame walls in a house that might hold 1/2″ and I have seen those that are within 1/16″ over great spans. It’s amazing what the eye can pick up. Of course, this is an area where perfectionism can take over but reality needs to meet it somewhere. I just wanted to take it and see how clean I could make it, not being really concerned with how long it took, thus the “it’s been a minute”, lol.

Here are a few shots of the start of the process. The idea here is to give the walls a smooth shape and create some attachment points for the cabinets that will hold them like there is no tomorrow. Baltic Birch and pocket screws rein in this portion of the build. Plus a super secret technique that I learned during my design consult with Vansmith in Boulder, Colorado. Behind this is more to come. Thanks again to all those who have come along on this “been a minute ride” with me. You are true friends and I am grateful for you all. Comments are always welcome…

One thought on “Good Bones – Part 1

  1. Lookin’ great! Man, I love those recessed bolts n washers…and those little screw eyeholes. Super nice! That thing is gonna be like Ft.Knox! Cant wait to see it fleshed out, but Im geeky enough to enjoy the bones. Grateful for that set of plans you’re makin so I can do mine. LOL.

    Keep up the good work man!


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