A friend of mine commented on a post a while back about my toilet. He was commenting that I spent nearly a grand on it, and gave me a friendly ribbing, which I wholeheartedly deserved. I guess it hit home when I was looking at this picture recently and realizing the folly of spending so much money on something that could be done with a Home Depot bucket!

I would like to say that I feel incredibly privileged in the life that God gave me. I don’t feel like it was something I earned and I feel that grace has played a large part in it. Everything from my struggles in recovery to my professional accomplishments, were gifts that I walked into and showed up for but the results are surely grace in action.

I don’t feel guilty here, and I would like to explain. I guess the way I justify this is that I plan to use this vehicle to bring joy into this world. Joy to me in the process of building it, joy to my grandchildren in the adventures we will take together, and joy to my friends and family who end up borrowing it for their fun.

I would also like to say that I am learning each and every experience I have and commit in the future to spend more of my resources on those that really need it and less on my luxury items. And I commit that, if and when I sell this van, I will donate the proceeds to those in significant need. No shit, I really will… 🙏 🙏 🙏

4 thoughts on “Folly

  1. Beautifully said and I say spend your last dime on a luxury and trust the universe to find grace and sustenance for you and all of us. Dave you have been humble with all the resources and skills ever since I’ve known you. Your commitment here is along this lines and again always been a beautiful part of you. Thanks for truth and honesty at such an exposing level.~James🦋

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