Good Bones – Part 2

Thumbs up from the Captain!

One of the lessons I am learning is to work on the van some each day. Some days more than others, and some days hardly at all. But keeping the momentum up is what keeps me from totally getting overwhelmed.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

― Albert Einstein

So once the furring went in, it was time for the wiring. This precipitated another design decision which was to put some running lights on above the front windshield. I was in doubt until I consulted my truck guru friend, Wes. He said “the more lights the better”, more wise advice from my design consultant. It pays to listen to advise and follow it, a somewhat new concept for me. So down came the headliner and the nest of wires attached. In went the lights and I got a big thumbs up (virtually) from my buddy Wes.

Running the wiring was really kinda fun. I have seen so many shaky jobs here on the diy forums that I wanted to spend some extra time here. Nobody will ever see it but me, but a good wiring job is like a clean house. I just makes me feeeel better. And that is what van therapy is all about….

5 thoughts on “Good Bones – Part 2

  1. Lights look bad ass! They’ll see ya comin’ w those bad boys framin’ your face! And just what IS that little LED screen with the glowing blue knobs??? This van is lookin’ awesone, Dave!

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