"Seeing death as the end of life is like

seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean"

David Searls

Grief is the emotion our Creator gives us to honor those that we have lost. The belief of the Dagara tribe in West Africa is that we OWE those that have died the pain of grief. As a matter of fact, the more pain we feel the better. It lets their spirit know how much they meant to us on this earth.

About a month and a half ago we lost Camryn. She was a new mother, a committed partner to my son, and an all around a beautiful soul. She had worked through her demons and had made peace with sobriety and was all set for an amazing life that now won’t be lived. I can’t begin to describe the pain that ensued. In the light of the above belief, we honored her well.

I do believe in the spirit world. Of course, I can’t prove this and I certainly don’t know how it works. But I do believe that Camryn’s spirit is near to us and lives in us. Since I don’t know how this works, I am going to hedge my bets a bit and just come out and say… Camryn I will do everything I can to honor your life and the wonderful memories we have had. And above all I will always be telling your beautiful daughter how great a mom you were and how much you loved her.

And for all the good people that follow my words, however trite, tomorrow really is not a guarantee. Keep those close to you, closer, and tell them that you love them, often…

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