Better Footing

Remember a while back i did the flooring template, and I am putting it to use now. Been slowly working on the flooring. I ended up locking on a design that had baltic birch strips to level off the floor, and 1″ rigid foam insulation, topped off with 1/2″ baltic birch ply. So far I have glued the stripping and insulation down. I am waiting on the ply to just make sure that there is nothing else I need to do before I go with the final step.

I am getting a chance to put those tires I took off to good use, they make excellent weights. It is important to apply the adhesive and keep the layer I am glued firmly weighted to prevent squeaks in the future.

Last time I talked about getting my self-confidence back and it seems to be more firmly in place now. I am starting to realize the depth of knowledge I am getting as a result of taking this project on. Learning has always carried a bit of anxiety with it for me, but now it seems to be resting more in curiosity. I wonder what is going to be next?

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