Oh Galicia!

Today was an easy day as compared to the rest. One of the things that made it that way was the colors and the scenery. The vineyards in this section of Spain are turning their fall colors. Lots of deep reds and oranges wash over the beautiful scenery that vineyards on rolling hills naturally have. … More Oh Galicia!

Magic Moments

Today was one of those days that was so special it was, I hate to say, magical. Because it truly was. We started out knowing that we were going to be summiting at the Cruce de Ferro. This is the highest point on the Camino and it the sight of a cross and the hugest … More Magic Moments

Fancy Friday

I have now been introduced to a new concept. Natalie insists that every Friday is Fancy Friday. So she picks flowers along the way to put on our packs to fancy us up a bit. Being more of a casual Friday kind of guy, I am still getting used to the idea, but I do … More Fancy Friday


Well after the sleeping late, the hour and a half in the spa, the hour of the massage, and a nice relaxed lunch, there was still a little time for some sightseeing. Thank God, because this place is authentic Spain. It is the first bigger city where I have seen more locals than pilgrims. The … More León

Guilty Pleasures

I started out this trip I feeling a little guilty. You see, most my friends are staying in albergues which are essentially bunk beds, communal living, and occasionally bed bugs. I made a decision when I planned to do the Camino to stay in hotels. I was able to find a really great little travel … More Guilty Pleasures