Well after the sleeping late, the hour and a half in the spa, the hour of the massage, and a nice relaxed lunch, there was still a little time for some sightseeing. Thank God, because this place is authentic Spain. It is the first bigger city where I have seen more locals than pilgrims. The cathedral was built in 1250 and has not been added onto since its construction. Which makes it pretty unique. It has a simple largess that is amazing to think that it was built when this was an outpost of Spain with only 5,000 inhabitants.

Since then there has been plenty of activity. I had my first look at a Gaudi designed building. It was very cool looking and reminded me a bit of a small castle. There are tons of narrow streets that all seem to lead back to the cathedral and are filled with tapas bars and unique little shops of all types. This is certainly a nice break from the endless Mesetas.

Nice flowers on the way in
Gaudí building
A bronze of Gaudi outside the building. In his lap is a sketch of the building that he is working on.
Railing at the Gaudi building
A piece of a roman aqueduct in a peaceful little park
The cathedral
The cathedral

2 thoughts on “León

  1. That stained glass is amazing! My favorite shot is the last one, with the cathedral against the dark sky…very dramatic. We’re sleeping in this morning…Will is still snoozing. Glad your body is back in order and ready for the day ahead. Lots of love from Tejas.


    1. Yes this cathedral had by far the best stained glass in it so far. It was all the way to the ceiling! Yeah I like that last one too. I have discovered Instagram and it’s filters. Thanks!


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