Fancy Friday

I have now been introduced to a new concept. Natalie insists that every Friday is Fancy Friday. So she picks flowers along the way to put on our packs to fancy us up a bit. Being more of a casual Friday kind of guy, I am still getting used to the idea, but I do play along. Might as well, otherwise it is just another plain ole day on the trail. I must admit, it is starting to grow on me.

Today was one of the most peaceful walks I can remember. We headed out of León and things just got quieter by the hour. Until we were walking down these deserted country roads, ambling through these really peaceful little towns. We stopped at every chance to have tea and snacks since it was a short day. I was told there would come a time when this way of living would become totally natural. I think that day has arrived. Aaaahhhhhh!

The Parador in Leon. A massive hotel now.
It takes two wide angle shots to get it all in.
The entrance to the parador
A peaceful Pilgrim resting in front.
This one detail in a massive bronze door. Shined from so many pilgrims touching it. We figured we should too.
Nice little peaceful town.
Most of the day was on a road like this.
I ended up here for the day. Thes pilgrims keep showing up more frequently now.

5 thoughts on “Fancy Friday

  1. I just love your photos…..this so cool that you document this trip, I am really enjoying sharing it with you virtually…..I also love the flowers….In my song The Fool about the tarrot card The Fool….he always carried a flower in his pack……so I wrote those words in my song……can’t wait for you hear it … you bro..peace


  2. Brother Dave….lovin’ the experience with you! It’s gotta be a trip following a photog/filmmaker. I did my fair share of learnin’ in life following experts around; photographers, golfers, and gurus. Shows some humility on your part and that’s comin’ thru in your posts. Wow. This must be just an indescribable experience. I’m lookin’ forward to seeing the man who returns in your body. I can’t imagine that he would be the same as the man who left here a few weeks ago. Thanks for livin’ in the moment and passing that along to us. Vicarious joy over here! Much love, my brother…


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