Guilty Pleasures

I started out this trip I feeling a little guilty. You see, most my friends are staying in albergues which are essentially bunk beds, communal living, and occasionally bed bugs. I made a decision when I planned to do the Camino to stay in hotels. I was able to find a really great little travel company called Frontier Holidays that helped me book accommodations all along the way. So every night when my friends go to their bunk beds and bed bugs, I retire in my little cocoon of a hotel or casa rural. So here is the interesting part. As the trip progressed two things happened. First, I started to meet more people doing it the way I was doing it and began to see that I wasn’t the only person doing it this way. Guilt reduced. The second thing was that as we got closer to Leon, everybody started talking about taking a day off. And as soon as I told one of them that where I was staying had a spa, the word spread like wildfire. They ALL decided to book a room in the very nice Hotel Paris where I am staying at this moment. Guilt eliminated.

Tomorrow I hope to post some shots of Leon. But first, I must be on time for my appointment with the spa.

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