Triacastela – Wash and Dry

So today was a repeat of yesterday, but it was windier. We woke up and it was cold and rainy outside. We mulled around and had a slow breakfast in the hopes it would let up. Well it finally let up a bit and I made the mistake of saying it looked like it had stopped raining. Well as soon as we started, the rain began again. So we got going and were thinking the worse was over when WHAM! The freaking wind started howling and the rain started coming down in waves. The only thing I remember seeing was pilgrims being blown about like little puppets in a car wash. Fortunately it would only last for about 30 minutes at a time and every so often we could duck into a coffee shop to warm up. Finally about mid day the rain pretty much stopped but the wind kicked it up a notch. I think at times we were seeing around 40 mph. I noticed that we had dried off in no time and we looked spotless. Just like a car wash. I was able to shoot several pics you see below. By the time we made it in it was sunny and still. What a memorable day it was. I gotta say, I like being tested by the elements as long as there is a hot meal at the end of the day. We finished off the day by cooking for ourselves in the albergue. Risotto, salad, desert and good company was a perfect end to an epic day.

Got these shots in between the stormy times
Even the statue looks like it is windy, must be this way alot
Happy crew by the 800 year old chestnut tree, sun is out and wind has stopped

2 thoughts on “Triacastela – Wash and Dry

  1. that statue of the guy walking into the wind should have been your tell tale sign dude…..that is too funny…..sending lots of love and light to you brother…..keep truckin


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