Oh Galicia!

Today was an easy day as compared to the rest. One of the things that made it that way was the colors and the scenery. The vineyards in this section of Spain are turning their fall colors. Lots of deep reds and oranges wash over the beautiful scenery that vineyards on rolling hills naturally have. We were continually amazed and rested often so that we really never got tired. Ricardo and Natalie were a bit behind so I hung out with some friends I began to meet a week ago. We all were at the same pace and had great conversations interspersed with peaceful silence. Now we are in the foothills of Galicia.

Galicia is the area of one of the four Celtic tribes and has a culture that pre-dates Christ. It is is pagan culture and is the roots of our modern day Halloween. What a fitting place for me to be at this moment. Happy Halloween everybody, from where it all began.

From the castle, the prosperous city of Ponferrada
A bike shop
On the way out of the city.
A special church at the site of where pilgrims were blessed
Many little coffe shops along the way
Our pack today, US, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada
Most of the day looked like this

2 thoughts on “Oh Galicia!

  1. awesome bro…happy halloween to you too….we bought our proverbial candy and will hand it out tonight…..so other parents can sift through it, eat their share, and then hand the rest out at the office, and only leave what they think the kids should eat…..and they will eat the rest….

    nice life lesson……maybe I should hand out sugar snap peas…..feeling little edgy today….love you bro….keep trucking


  2. Dave good to see you are in Galicia! Dave can you tell Natalie that I passed by the pancake lady she was talking about. That is if you see her. I politely refused her pancakes 🙂 It was on our journey to triacastela (a city or two before triacastela actually). Safe travels!


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