Messages Along the Way

It is hard to describe the messages that I see everyday. I will start posting a few here and so you can get a flavor of them. They are in every language imaginable let’s just say they are meaningful, and uplifting for the most part. Sometimes they jump out at you and sometimes i almost walk by them until somebody points them out to me. Some, like the Dont Shit sign a few posts back become Camino legend, as in “did you see that one!?” But they certainly add to the day, as I stop often to see if I can get the message, if you know what I mean.

Today was our first day to walk with no towns for a break. So we set out with water in hand and a massive amount of food so we could “survive”. We had one of the largest picnics yet and it was a delightful day. The weather was perfect! Tonight we are in a town called Manzilla de las Mulas. It is a kinda Abilene meets Spain kind of town. But tomorrow is the big city Leon where guilty pleasures are in store.

Tire tracks make interesting patterns
Early morning walking
Nothing but dirt out here
Seven nationalities at our big picnic

4 thoughts on “Messages Along the Way

  1. how about “:Waldo was here”……your journey is inspiring and i look for you blog daily….I am forwarding to MP as I was telling her about your journey and she wants to follow you too… you bro


  2. Nice reference to the Abilene of Spain my mind had fun with that one for sure and thanks for sharing the messages, curious if my magnet of camino has found a resting place yet?


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