Crossing Into Gratitude

As part of the preparation for the Camino, I wanted to make something to carry along. The idea I had was to make a Celtic Cross. I am of Celtic descent. The name Cutherell has deep roots in Welsh lore and my father was enamoured with kings and queens and being a Celt. It has even further meaning in that we end up our walk on the Camino in Galicia, which is one of the four Celtic nations and it will remind me that I am walking towards my spiritual homeland.

So as I made the first one it struck me that I needed to make more to give out along the way. I want to give them to the people in my group especially to show my gratitude to them for allowing me to walk the path with them. So I made each one in service to the people that walk the Camino. To them I am eternally grateful.

So here we go, the Camino begins anew…

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