Resting in Burgos

We have been through a dozen or so towns in the last three days and have ended up in Burgos.  Here is but a small sampling of what we have seen.  The aha’s keep coming and the muscles keep building.  I am learning to rewrite my life’s story as I walk.  I massage the dark moments into lighter ones.  I remember the good times and am grateful for them.  I relish in the new memories being formed.  And I miss my friends and family back home.  It is all part of the travel life and I feel grateful to be able to share it with you all.  May you each find peace in this moment.

3 thoughts on “Resting in Burgos

  1. Dave, in the words of Yoda: “jealous I am, mmmm”. Great shots. Glad for the peace in your life. The power of prayer is immeasurable as I’ve found as well. If you make it south to the Med, and find yourself in Calpe, take some photos for me. Peace and safety to you my friend. Vaya con Dios.

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    1. Thanks my friend. You have been in my thoughts lately so I especially appreciate these kind words. You have always been a connection whose memories I treasure. I hope our paths cross before too long. Until then, know that you are a good soul who has helped me more than u know. Peace my brother!


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