Two Selves

There are many souls on the Camino. We walk alone, and we walk together. It is the constant flow of the walk. We meet new people and let them go as easily as we meet them. We get to know some better than others and yet with others we do a deep dive and find out some jewels that make humanity human.

However the one thing I didn’t expect was to find two selves as I was walking alone the other day. One self was the side of me that likes the solitude and at the same time craves companionship. The other self was the one that likes the companionship and at the same time craves the solitude. It is as if I was in one place wishing I was in another. Kinda sounds like the grass is greener thing doesn’t it? But the most amazing thing happened along the way that day. I became one self. I realized that I had both at the same time. I have all I want and all that I don’t want and that is what complete is. It’s not that we have everything. It is that we are our unique self at any given moment in time. That self can take many identities but in the end we are but one self, our true self.  And that is the self we are meant to be.

Here are a few pics from the last few days. It is but a small sampling of our life here. We have traveled from Estella to Navarette, through many villages. This is but a slice of life on the Camino.  

4 thoughts on “Two Selves

  1. The one self immersion is what I call a conscious spiritual experience like none other because the unique self of Dave is no other, love’s your sights and insights…, travel well my friend I miss you and tell Vicky I said hello and wish you both God speed in your travels.


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