The Ancients 

Yesterday we spent the whole day hiking up a mountain pass that was the path of the very first Camino.  On this path is a megalithic tomb that dates back thousands of years.  We each took time to reflect on our ancestors and had a chance to honor them.  We pondered three questions.  Which ancestor did we want to honor?  What was their gift?  What is our work for them?  It was a powerful set of questions.  I invite you to honor your ancestors today.  We owe our lives to them. 

Valley of the twisted rivers. The oldest known pathway through the Pyrenees’s for the Camino.
A Dolmen believed to house the spirits that guard the valley
The megalithic tomb at a prominent place in the valley. Believed to be thousands of years old. Note Vicki in bottom corner for scale

4 thoughts on “The Ancients 

    1. Yes. It was quite green and very fresh in the mountains. Now we are down on the Camino and the hustle factor has been turned up. I am glad to see u as Linda Valdes now. It warms my heart knowing how much it means to you. Keep the comments coming. I love them!


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