Halfway, Sort Of

The days roll by. We get up and start the day with group morning meditation at 7:30a, we walk, we connect, we listen to all sorts of lessons and music along the way.  We get to our hotel, we rest, we shower, we walk around town, and we go to group sharing circle around 6:30p and dinner around 7:30p.  We take endless photos, we share our day, we break bread together and we get up and do it all over again.  The days blend in to weeks and the steps turn into miles.  

Today we reached a milestone of sorts.  We crossed the threshold of the halfway point on the Camino.  While it is not exactly our halfway point, I will take it.  It is a mountain of sorts that we have climbed.  And while it is not all downhill from now, it is a mark that I feel complete with.  This life transforms our souls and we grow together.  More soon about why this is something we will be able to bring back home and share with love with our friends and family.  But for now, we are resting at the halfway point and feeling pretty darn good about it.  Thanks one and all for following along.  I hope you all are enjoying the ride!

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