A Fresh Start

I have been given a fresh start in life. I really like the idea that we can begin the day over again whenever we so choose. It is not really easy to do, but we do have that choice. I am now beginning my second Camino experience and I am in a group with a number of first timers. This gives me the blessing to see the path with both familiar eyes and fresh eyes all at the same time. I am amazed at the transformation that has begun. Our flow is to wake in the morning and be in group meditation and moving prayer at 7:30a. Then we go to breakfast so generously provided by our hosts. Then we move, and I really mean move through the day. I have been averaging 20 to 30 thousand steps a day and each one is an opportunity to reflect and wonder. Here are a few pics from the first few days. I appreciate you coming along for the ride!

6 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    1. That was the only one I saw. Looked like a golf club carrier. We are doing daypacks and our bags are getting transported by car. Very civilized. Will work on some action shots. Stay tuned.


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