Have you ever looked so deep into a reflection that it turns three dimensional?   You can actually see the full world in it and it takes on a depth and fullness that is not only real, but is surreal. That is what happened when I looked deeply into the reflection in this pristine lake … More Reflections

What Makes a House a Home

Vicki and I have finished up our stay in Golden, British Columbia. We have been house sitting for a lovely family that we have gotten to know but never really met. My amazing wife found this opportunity through a site called that pairs up travelers with people needing their house sat.

Yoho Ho-Ho-Ho

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Canadian National Parks.  So as a give to all, Canada has opened up access to all their parks for free.  Yes, so no park fees!  We are fortunate to have six in our area and we have been in five thus far.  Here is some of the … More Yoho Ho-Ho-Ho

Banff And Beyond

We arrived in Calgary a few days back and are here to explore the Canadian Rockies and it looks like I have been fooling myself all these years.  I was under the impression that Rockies are Rockies and why go all the way to Canada  when I can see them in Colorado.  WRONGOO!!  I have … More Banff And Beyond

On Writing Essays

When I was in grade school I was absolutely and thoroughly terrified of writing essays.  English in general was such a foreign concept to me.  English teachers seemed like they were hard to please.  The thing that got to me was that, unlike math, there was no right answer!

The 52nd Card

There I was, alone in a closet in Mom’s town home.  As a matter of fact I was alone in the house, late at night still searching.  Searching for any clues that were left to find.  It was less that two days since she passed ‘to the great beyond’, as my father liked to say.  … More The 52nd Card

The Painted Ladies

The other day, I walked to the Painted Ladies, a well known landmark in San Francisco.  Painted Ladies is a generic term meaning any Victorian or Edwardian house painted in three or more colors. However, it is also is well associated with five prime examples in San Francisco near Alamo Square. Across the street from … More The Painted Ladies