The Ancients 

Yesterday we spent the whole day hiking up a mountain pass that was the path of the very first Camino.  On this path is a megalithic tomb that dates back thousands of years.  We each took time to reflect on our ancestors and had a chance to honor them.  We pondered three questions.  Which ancestor … More The Ancients 


Have you ever looked so deep into a reflection that it turns three dimensional?   You can actually see the full world in it and it takes on a depth and fullness that is not only real, but is surreal. That is what happened when I looked deeply into the reflection in this pristine lake … More Reflections

What Makes a House a Home

Vicki and I have finished up our stay in Golden, British Columbia. We have been house sitting for a lovely family that we have gotten to know but never really met. My amazing wife found this opportunity through a site called that pairs up travelers with people needing their house sat.

Yoho Ho-Ho-Ho

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Canadian National Parks.  So as a give to all, Canada has opened up access to all their parks for free.  Yes, so no park fees!  We are fortunate to have six in our area and we have been in five thus far.  Here is some of the … More Yoho Ho-Ho-Ho