Prepping and Processing 

So Vicki and I are doing our final prep for our upcoming Camino trip. I am finding out that this is as much about processing our emotions as it is about physically preparing, maybe even more about the emotions.  Specifically today we were talking about sleeping together.  You see we just haven’t gotten to the point where we can sleep in the same room reliably so we stopped trying a while back.  

But the Camino beckons with a need to change how we sleep, and at a deeper level how we relate.  Not too long ago we were on a training walk and we found ourselves on the trail having a fairly emotional ‘discussion’ about this.  We were charged and we didn’t quite know why.  But this is where the miracle occurred.  We recently learned a process called EFT which stands for emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping.  We sat down in the middle of the trail, literally, and began to tap.  We each described our problem, forgave ourselves for our bad feelings and tapped like hell.  Within a few minutes we had settled back down and had a very meaningful conversation.

The last time I walked the Camino I did it by myself, and this time I do it with a partner.  Our primary role is to look after each other, as the trip and our happiness depends on it.  My mindset is turning towards the healthy whole as opposed to looking after number one.  It is a mindset of giving before receiving.  And even after 58 trips around the planet I am still working on this.  I guess the cool thing about this all is that we are each learning how to be a better partner in life. It is a bit harder than I would have thought, actually, way harder.  We keep making that slow and steady progress. We keep moving our soul in the direction that our Higher Power wants.  And we keep walking down that trail together.

5 thoughts on “Prepping and Processing 

  1. I would think that a greater concern would be sleeping in a dormitory-type room with a number of smelly, snoring strangers. I haven’t hiked the Camino, but, from what I’ve read, that seems to be the norm for accommodations.

    I’m going to check out EFT… it would probably come in handy now that my husband and I are both retired and together 24/7 🙂


    1. Yes, I could never do that! LOL Last time I walked the Camino I stayed in casa rurales, pensiones and hotels. It is a common misconception that there are mainly bunk beds, but over half of the places to stay are just good cheap rooms. will guide you through and you only have to book a night or two ahead of time.

      Thanks for the comment and I know what you mean about being together 24/7! 😉


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