Mortise and Tenons

So when I started this class I didn’t know the difference between a mortise and a tenon, seriously.  I knew they went together but I didn’t really know which was which.  So now I know the mortise is the hole and the tenon is the part that protrudes through the hole.  I know this because that is about all we did today.  We made these things and we made them match up and fit like a glove.  We worked the entire day on the bottom structure and as you can see below there are quite a few more features on the part of the table known as the hayrake.  This was truly a day to remember.  My first mortise and tenon.  Hehehe…

Hayrake 3-1

Mike showing us how to make an angled mortise

Hayrake 3-2

Table saw setup to to the tenon on the small stretcher

Hayrake 3-3

Tom on the infamous mortiser. This machine does nothing but make precise square holes in the wood. For one mortise you have to chew out a section so it takes about 50 pulls per each mortise. Nice workout!

Hayrake 3-4

My setup for the angled mortise. Starting to feel like a pro!

Hayrake 3-5

Laying out the Hayrake. Mike sure did a wonderful job walking us through it. He made something complicated into a step at a time.

Hayrake 3-6

Bandsaw setup to cut the waste out of the tenon.

Hayrake 3-7


Hayrake 3-8

The tools of the trade!

Hayrake 3-9

End of the day. Whew! We didn’t stop working except for a short break for lunch.

Hayrake 3-10

My favorite joint so far…

Hayrake 3-11

Another shot. Time for dinner!!

  1. Watching you manifest another dream is very peaceful and exciting. I look forward to sharing a meal at your table of life. And as my pops would say this will be a great place to tell stories, have fun and to have deep loving relationships around you. Thanks for sharing.



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