The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

I ran across the saying, which is the title of this post, in a old classic called Art & Fear.  Ansel Adams was quoted and the topic was how perfectionism gets in the way of our being creative.  This desk is that piece for me.  Another title to this might be “How to Get the Monkey off Your Back”.  I have been ‘working’ on this project since October of last year.  I began by asking Shota Yamaguchi, a very talented, young and prolific custom furniture maker to help design me an office desk.  He did and he did an amazing job of thinking way outside the box and getting me something unique and stunning.  It was so stunning in fact it started to take on a feeling of perfection.  And then I got scared.  I put one thing after another in front of it.  I over thought it to the point of exhaustion, but the time finally came.  It was time to get the monkey off my back and dive in.  So here are some progress shots from this last week.  It turns out it wasn’t so bad after all.  Imagine that….

For those of you interested in the little details, this piece is being made from pecan milled from fallen trees in central Texas.  The source of the wood is Berdoll’s Sawmill out towards Bastrop.  Brandon Berdoll owns it and makes some of the prettiest slabs of pecan, mesquite and oak from this area you can find.  He is a great guy to deal with.

Top glued up
Cubby doors cut ready to assemble
Cubby doors glued up. How bout them blue ‘clamps’
Starting to assemble the lower drawer frame
Final glue up of lower drawer frame
Starting to route grooves for dividers and runners
Progress, runners routed in, fitting sides now


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