Mundane as a Mailbox

So did you notice any mailboxes on the way into work this morning?  Have you ever considered in detail the design of a mailbox?  I bet your answers here are no, and NO!  Well my mailbox litterally just fell over about a couple weeks ago and with the prompting (more like goading) of my neighbors I am finally getting around to putting up a new one.  You would think a guy with the tool collection like mine, would just jump right on it but NOOOOOO!  I needed to be inspired.  Well let me tell you it is hard to get inspired by a mailbox design.  I have surveyed my neighborhood and I was amazed at the variety of designs out there.  They all seem to be the same as you pass by, but each and every one has their own twist of design.  I literally saw dozens of design and finally decided to create one that is kinda like me, clean, linear, with a nice finish on it.

So the message in this mailbox for me today is that I am going to look more carefully into the mundane world around me.  There is a ton of beauty in the uniqueness of each and every thing out there.   Take some time today to look around you and notice something you wouldn’t normally pay attention to and enjoy it for how unique it really is.  Stay tuned you will see me in a mailbox soon.

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