I AM Good Enough

I never thought when I started out to reinvent myself into a craftsman that I would run into so much self doubt. I have always been a “get after and do it” kind of guy and just figured that once I set my mind to it, I would just have to watch a few hundred you-tube videos and get after it. What I am finding out is that I am listening to way more motivational podcasts that I am “how to” podcast these days. Every time I look at somebody who has mastered the craft and has a huge body of work to show for it, I just start to get a bit nauseous, with a dose of anxiety and I get this overwhelming feeling that I will never get there and decide to do something easy like wash the dishes. YES! I would rather wash the dishes than do the scary job of trying something new, knowing fully that my new path will take waaay longer that I ever thought it would. But I am learning that it is a long and painfully slow road and I am determined to stay on it. So I get up early, go on a run to exorcise the stress demons and get after it. Create one thing a day, a few things a week, and by the end of this year I will have something to show.

I will be starting up a new blog called Custom Made Dave here shortly and will post my craftsman adventures from that website. So if you like my travel blog, please stay with me since I plan to have some killer adventures this year and will keep Dave’s Not Here going once the travel starts. In the mean time come along and watch a craftsman in the making. It should be an interesting ride.

7 thoughts on “I AM Good Enough

  1. Dave – thank you for sharing your soul with us fellow travelers. No, the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train – its the sunshine of our future!


  2. My art has been a similar journey. I keep wanting to focus on the “how” but the time in the studio has been my challenge. Thanks for sharing.


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