Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit

Well today was all about getting the right fit.  And it was probably the hardest day yet.  We actually only made one piece but it was the most critical piece.  The rest was fine tuning all the joints so it went together at the end.  The thing I really like about this is that at the end of it all, I have to accept my defects knowing that there will be another day and another piece where I can work to make it better.

Hayrake 4-1
Mike starting class with layout instruction.
Hayrake 4-2
Oh yeah, we had to make our dowels so we took some square stock and pounded it through a round hole. Like Mike said, like putting a square peg through a round hole. Ha!
Hayrake 4-4
Bob, the shop owner, in constant motion, setting up a router setup to do the bottom curve. He is always vigilant on our safety.
Hayrake 4-5
Now that we have put the mortise in we can do the bottom curve.
Hayrake 4-6
Now the outside curve on the band saw.
Hayrake 4-7
Now, lots and lots of planing!
Hayrake 4-8
Gary on the router doing the inside curve.
Hayrake 4-9
Got my inside curves done.
Hayrake 4-11
One of my pieces. The rough is BAD, plane some more Dave! Hehehe…
Hayrake 4-13
Now to cut and fit the center stretcher. The most tedious part cause the joint is curved. I’m up for it…
Hayrake 4-14
Aaaahhhh. The end of the day and I have something to show for it. 🙂
Hayrake 4-15
The infamous hayrake has come together!!

4 thoughts on “Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit

  1. Love your dialogue here helps me feel like I’m in the shop with you. Feast abound, here it comes on that beautiful table.
    Peace brother,


  2. Ohhhhhh!!!! Now I see it! I knew there had to a logical reason for the name, “hayrake”, but heretofore, I hadn’t figured it out. But when you posted the shot of one end of the frame, it made sense. It’s shaped like a Hay Rake!!! Man, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I always eventually get it! ha ha. Can’t believe all those complicated processes you’re learning. It’s gonna be nice to have a master woodworker as my friend – no telling how many ways you can help ME now! LOL. Congrats on your hard work coming together…can’t wait to see it all mate up. Gonna be a beaut, Dave!


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