Dave’s Not Here

So have you heard of the Dave’s Not Here bit by Cheech and Chong?  I suspect you have, but I am always checking.  I grew up in that stoner genre of the 70’s.  Now that the statute of limitations has run out, I can admit to smoking my fair share.   Fortunately it quit working for … More Dave’s Not Here

Envy in Austin

I have been doing alot of walking in Austin lately to get ready for the Camino. For the most part I have been walking through the old neighborhoods because I like to see the houses and admire their architecture. I often take pictures of them with the hope that one day I can use a … More Envy in Austin

Fire it Up!

I was having breakfast with a few friends today and I told them I was going to fire up a new blog.  One of them quipped; “you can tell a real geek when he says he is going to fire up a blog”.   I must say I just beamed with happiness.