What Tha?!?

I have been visiting Russ in San Jose, California for going on ten years now, and there is something that never ceases to amaze me. The landscape in the yards of old town San Jose bungalowsville is diverse and stunning. I walk by plants that would grow to a grand total of 1 foot in Austin and they are three feet tall in San Jose. I see plants that I have never ever seen before in any yard anywhere. And I am constantly commenting to myself something to the effect of “what the hell is that?

I guess I am not so much a geek (well at least not in this area) as I rush to find out what they are called. But I am amazed non-the-less. Things like 30’ yucca cactus, old growth trees several centuries old, lettuce shaped succulents, and plants that look like cross between a rose bush and a small orange tree. I mean, where do they get these things???

Another mystery in life I am pleasantly ok to ponder and wonder without having to know the answer. There are many of those aren’t they? It seems like the questions just keep on coming, what is that? why did that happen? what next? Well I am happy to say that I don’t need those answers today. But I wonder, do you?

Thanks San Jose and Russ for adding to my mystery, I love to rest in it…

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