Courtesy Reigns

I wanted to take a little time to say some kind words about the British people before I get out of here. I can say that I have been treated nicely by absolutely everyone here. Besides their lovely accent, they are just so darn polite. I was here about a day before I noticed something that I have never experienced in a major US city. I noticed how it was quiet walking around despite the multitudes of people and cars. I noticed that NOBODY honks. That is just astounding! Especially as compared to my recent trip to NYC. I gotta say it makes a huge difference.

In my last half day I spent some time in the London Zoo, walking through Kensighton Park, and then I headed over to Abbey Road to visit the sight of the famous Beatles album cover. The sun finally came out so I spent my final moments eating a delicious pastry in a small park. Thanks London for such a lovely stay!






2 thoughts on “Courtesy Reigns

  1. so Paul McCartney was “28if”? remember that on the album cover? i think it was the license plate on a parked car. we all said IF hes dead, then thats proof, because he was around 28 yrs old. see i we had fun before the internet, back in the day…rumors spread then too1 LOL. wow, sounds like London was a very cool experience. darn it…wish I were there with ya! vglad youre takink it all in my brother. good for the soul. I dont think I commented on your post abt honoring each family member bwith an activity they would love i that was so COOL! Awesome that you remember em, even when theyre not there. Love the way u travel…one of these days, Im gonna go with you, so you can show me the ropes! Hey, the Spurs took down the Thunder in 6 last nite. Now comes the Heat. I say bring em ON!!! thanks agn for the reports and enjoy the best part comin up!!! Love ya man. w.


    1. Hey Wes! Thanks for the note. I love the rumor trivia. Never heard that one. Thanks for the kind words and follow along. It is just about to get really interesting. Love u bro!


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