Fat Tire

So a few years back if I had heard the words Fat Tire I would have thought beer. Fast forward to today and it means a whole different thing. Today we went on a Fat Tire Bike Tour to start out the day and we took in the sights.

We started out in Hyde Park and worked our way west to Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, ending up at Westminister Abbey before we headed back. The highlight of the tour was that there was a parade at the Palace and we actually saw the Queen drive by a short distance away! The tour guide, Matt, was a pleasure and had back stories and trivia to make the places we visited to come alive.

After the bike tour I went back to the national Gallery and Westminister Abbey to look around on the inside. The history here is simply amazing!

Lots of arches here with famous people on top
Tanks in the parade
Westminister Abbey
Classic London
More Parade
Even More Parade
The parks were gorgeous

2 thoughts on “Fat Tire

    1. The only pics were in the post. It was a very comfy bike, kind of a bike an old guy like me would prefer. They each had their own name. Mine was Robin Hood.


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