Foodies Delight

Today I went on a food tour. We toured the east end where Jack the Ripper did his dirty work. We went to seven different restaurants and had a sampling at each. The tour guide, Emily, was a theatre actress and she infused life into each presentation that brought the food alive! Three of the dishes we sampled had been voted best in class in the city so needless to say it was fantastic. The winner as voted at the end of the tour was the bacon sandwich. It was made so delicious that it is still making my mouth water.

Another thing that made the tour interesting was the street art. There was art by all the most famous artists in the world including Banksy, who I saw recently in a documentary. He is so famous that his pieces can fetch in the $100,000’s. Who would know that street art could be worth so much!

After the tour I went to the Churchill war museum. This was so definitely worth all the accolades I had heard and would put it in the must see category as well. Now tomorrow what should it be?

Indian curry, bagel sandwich, bacon sandwich, fish and chips, bread pudding, cheeses
Bagel shop
Pub, I had a clementine whilst the others sampled ale
The street art in the east end is amazing!
Banksy painted this car. The most famous street artist in the workd. They had to put a cage around it so people wouldn’t steel parts of it!
And the winner was the bacon sandwich!!

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