Cut Outs of Color

I have to admit, I get nostalgic when I travel.  I remember back to the trips I took when my family was young and I miss having them along on my solo trips. I try to do something to honor them while I am away.  Yesterday it was street art for Will.  The day before it was biking for Blake and today it was Matisse for my sweet Sal.  When Sal and I first started dating she had this poster of Matisse and his cutout of dancers. She was an art student and I was so in love and being an engineer, I was in love with her art as it seemed so new and so foreign.

Fast forward to today.  There was a massive exhibit of Matisse Cutouts at the Tate Modern.  I didn’t realize what a master of color that Matisse was and how inspiring his story was. He was living on borrowed time and could only work from bed.  He was only supposed to live for a year and he lived on for over ten and he totally invented a new art medium in the process. His works can best be appreciated in person. Some of them are massive and the colors are deep and vibrant.  I was wishing Sal could have seen this with me.  Thanks to her I was here and for that I am so very grateful.

After Matisse, I went to the Borough Market.  A huge food market down in the middle of old London.  There was booth after booth of foods. All kinds of meats cheeses, oils, spices and such.  I took a few pics but could have taken hundreds.

Then it was on to St Paul’s Cathedral and the British Museum.  Both so worth it.  St Paul’s dates back 1400 years and the British Museum has an incredible  collection of Egyptian, Roman, and Saxon artifacts that give a great sense of history.  I was thinking go Dad all along the wAy.  He is such a history buff.

Then it it was back to home base for a late meal and bed time…


Matisse works that were in the display
Some interesting food stands
Food food everywhere
Pedestrian bridge over the Thames
The Shard. I love the names here.
Shakespeare Globe
The British Museum
The Rosetta Stone, well actually a replica, the actual one had so many people around it I couldn’t get a picture

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