Envy in Austin

I have been doing alot of walking in Austin lately to get ready for the Camino. For the most part I have been walking through the old neighborhoods because I like to see the houses and admire their architecture. I often take pictures of them with the hope that one day I can use a detail in some project I might do. I really like the bungalow style houses in old south and central Austin. I have included a few pictures of the ones that I particularly liked.

However, it has been really punching my buttons lately. You see, I have this little envy problem. I see things I want, like cool houses, and I start thinking of how neat it would be to own one. I go through the mental exercise of what it would take and if I could afford it. If i can afford it, then i think of how much better it would make me feel to have it. If i can't afford it then I feel lesser than. This just seems like another way for me to take my mind off the present moment so I am just calling myself out here. So as I head off to my long walk I have something to ponder. Why would I want another house, when I already have a really nice one? I am hoping the answer lies on the Camino somewhere.


  1. I love the bungalow style also! Sometimes I wish I had one, maybe one day! And, that’s ok!



  2. Looking to buy a house myself, I completely get this post. I really like your current house – and in fact, it was shortly after visiting you one day that I started looking to buy. Not sure how much causation there was, but realizing that there are some cool neighborhoods in Austin like yours sure helped motivate me.



    1. Thanks for the comment Mike. I wish you luck in your house hunting. Keep me posted and send me some pics of the ones you like.



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