Dave’s Not Here

So have you heard of the Dave’s Not Here bit by Cheech and Chong?  I suspect you have, but I am always checking.  I grew up in that stoner genre of the 70’s.  Now that the statute of limitations has run out, I can admit to smoking my fair share.   Fortunately it quit working for me years ago and I gave it up.  But I still LOVE Cheech and Chong!

So when I tell somebody my name is Dave, I often times get the response:  “Dave’s not here, maaan!”  Just a sign of the times and of the crowd that I call my peeps.  So when it came time to name my travel blog, it just seemed natural to name it this.  I relate, I identify, and I cherish all the laughter I had watching Cheech and Chong movies.  It was, after all, a great time in my life.

I did a little homework.  I must admit that I did not know the origins of this skit, so I consulted the Wiki on this.  It turns out it was a one and a half minute skit on their debut album in 1971.  Imagine that, it was over 40 years ago!  Woooo!  So I found a few links to that bit and put one below.   Enjoy!

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