Its hard to believe it has been a month since I have posted.  It has been kinda hard to get some traction, honestly.  You might say I have been spinning my wheels. I thought I would be off to a fast start but I have found myself just trying to figure out where to start?

Fortunately, I had one thing in the works and that was to get an upgraded suspension, new wheels, and better tires.  I ended up getting the suspension installed in Houston and then the wheels and tires here in Austin.  And, MAN, what a difference it is.  No more wheels spinning here…

I realize that this whole project is testing my self-confidence.  I keep telling myself that I have done things like this before, but for some reason I have forgotten how much work it is and how long it takes.  So each day, I wake up, look at one small part and work on that.  I learn, I try, and I repeat as necessary.  I feel like I am starting to get some traction both with my new ride and my new attitude.

2 thoughts on “Traction

  1. Dave, looking forward to seeing the end product. Maybe we can meet up when you’re all done. We’ve converted a minivan to a camper unit though it’s still basic camping. Stay safe! Rip and Lisa

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